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Active Range

The Vanessa Megan Active Range represents more than just results driven skincare. It represents an idea – the idea that we can create something amazing for ourselves, without building it on a foundation of compromise.

Our new Active Range products take natural skincare to a new level with scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients that restore youthful clarity and brightness and protect against the ageing effects of time and everyday life. The active range is a full anti-ageing skincare system with the most advanced natural ingredients in potent doses; prebiotics and Vitamin C for brightening exfoliation and our one-of-a-kind Cryo Facelift™ treatment for deep restoration. The range repairs damage, regenerates tired skin on a cellular level, plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, and protects against further environmental damage. The results are visible and instant, and the process is luxuriously spa-worthy. 


With this vision in mind we wanted to create a film that represented these ideas and the ethos of Vanessa Megan as a brand. Manifesto is that film.

Our Manifesto is like all manifestos in its examination of who we are and what we believe, but it is unique in its focus on women, purity and strength. We want for you what we want for ourselves – the best. We want to protect ourselves and our families, but yet to be open to the new and good of the world. This is what our manifesto is about – the things that make us who we are and how creating a luxurious, organic skincare line that really works, is the Vanessa Megan part in that dream.

We shot this film in some of the most beautiful locations in Sydney – the harbour, the ethereal Sky-Lab studios and of course, the iconic Bondi Pavilion. We also collaborated with other brands who share our vision – Spell Designs and Bill Hicks Jewellery to create something very Australian and simply gorgeous. 

This is our Manifesto:

I Am The Dreamer And The Artist Of My Own Reality

I Am What I Protect Myself From...

And What I Give Myself.

I Am My Mistakes, My Risks And My Bold Moves

I Am The Giver Of Gifts

I Am The Lioness

Guardian Of My Sisters, My Children, Those I Love

I Am The Second Chances, The Thankyous,

I Am The Light That Burns

I Dance To The Worlds Music, I Am Movement, And Rest And Silence

I Am My Wildest Parts And My Softest Thoughts.

I Am What I Allow To Touch Me.